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About Us

High Relevance is a UK company that specialises in boosting online visibility. We help our clients manage their strategic communication by improving the relevance of key messages across major search platforms like Google, YouTube and many others. At the heart of our platform, which adheres to all search engine rules and is fully compliant with international standards, is a patented, groundbreaking algorithm that allows us to cut through the noise online, increase trust, downgrade fake news and enhance the reputation of our clients and the brands they represent.

What we do

We combine SEO white-hat practices with our own platform. Unlike SEO alone, which focuses on the content and structure of your website, our methods concentrate on the relevance of your message. Pick your desired search terms and we will help draw attention towards your product, brand or client.


We can improve the positioning of specific products and service offerings on Google and other search engines.

Our technology helps clients showcase their businesses by improving the visibility of information about their specific product and service offerings. We can also leverage any third-party digital content available in the public domain to promote our clients’ key messages. We work with business associations and chambers of commerce across multiple sectors to make our technology available to their members, and in turn improve their exposure on the most relevant search engines.


We work with PR and marketing agencies to make their clients’ strategic messages more visible and easily accessible online, significantly improving their search rankings.

We work with PR and marketing agencies to make their clients’ strategic communications and digital marketing campaigns easier to find online. We do this by taking advantage of information in the public domain, improving visibility and positioning on the likes of Google, YouTube and other search engines by highlighting relevant news about the business or brand online using our cutting-edge algorithm.

Crisis &

We can downgrade negative links or fake news and demote out of date third-party content associated with our clients’ names or brands.

Our technology demotes out of date third-party content and downgrades negative links or fake news associated with our clients’ name or brands. We rid Google’s first page of any URL with malicious information about our clients, be it in text, photo or video format. Our crisis and reputation service includes a 60-day monitoring period, during which we analyse trends and verify whether any of the removed content shows a tendency to return to the first pages of Google. If so, we will continue to demote the negative content until the end of the monitoring period. If it persists, we can provide an additional maintenance service.

Effective digital exposure is critical for anyone who wishes to remain relevant in a crowded, competitive market – and we have developed the tools to do just that. With High Relevance you will see positive results in weeks, not months. We guarantee results in 60 days, and in most cases a positive outcome is achieved in less than 72 hours, depending on the context.

The process

We guarantee a positive outcome in weeks. And, because we are so confident in our methods,
we only invoice our clients once the results have been proven.


We analyse the existing results for a search query relevant to our client.


We define the strategy and action plan together with the client, and let the platform do the rest.


Our team continuously monitors search results over an agreed period and provides daily reports.

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